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The Basics: Coppa restaurant information


253 Shawmut Ave.
Boston, MA 02118

Coppa restaurant information
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Coppa, the intimate nose-to-tail themed enoteca nestled on the quiet corner of Shawmut Avenue and Milford Street in Boston's South End, features a menu of Italian small plates made with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, complemented by an eclectic wine list, and unique cordial-based cocktails.

A collaborative effort from chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, Coppa is the perfect destination for pre-dinner aperitivi, several courses of delicious stuzzichini, or a late-night cocktail or glass of vino. During the cooler winter months, diners enjoy house-made charcuterie, wood-oven pizzas, and handmade pastas in the inviting and cozy, forty-seat dining room. In the summer months, the culinary fun moves outside onto the brick patio which seats another twenty-four.

News and Events at Coppa restaurant

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253 Shawmut Ave., Boston, MA 02118


by Chef Jamie Bissonnette

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Raw kampachi with yuzu, caviar, pistachio and dashi
by Chef Jamie Bissonnette
1. noun Italian sweet and sour sauce.
1. noun A blend of ail (garlic) and oli (oil) in the parlance of the Provence region of southern France. Around here, we'd call it a garlic mayonnaise.
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1. noun An Irish favorite of mashed potatoes, green onions and butter.
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Panna cotta
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