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The Basics: Metropolis Cafe restaurant information

Metropolis Cafe

584 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

Metropolis Cafe restaurant information
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A cozy and casual little restaurant overlooking bustling Tremont Street, Metropolis Café is the flagship endeavor from the Aquitaine Restaurant Group, which now includes three Aquitaine locations, Union Bar and Grille and Gaslight Brasserie du Coin. Though its sister restaurants may garner more of the spotlight, Metropolis has been quietly setting the standard and raising the bar for neighborhood dining in Boston's South End.

The intimate, candlelit dining room, with its original tin ceiling, mosaic tiled floor and copper-topped bar, channels old school charm and warmth. The Mediterranean-influenced menu, complemented by a varied wine list and great beer selection, features classic dishes executed flawlessly and enhanced by inventive little touches. The award-winning brunch, served on both Saturday and Sunday, draws a loyal crowd of regulars from the neighborhood and beyond.

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584 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118


by Chef Dolly Bourommavong

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Butternut squash and pear bisque with goat cheese and maple crema, and spiced pepitas
by Chef Dolly Bourommavong
1. noun Semi-firm Italian cheese made from cow's milk.
Beurre noisette
1. noun Butter cooked to a hazelnut (noisette) color.
1. noun Meat (usually goose, duck or pork) that is slowly cooked in its own fat and preserved with the fat packed around it as a seal.
1. noun Granular semolina popular in North Africa.
1. noun The Italian word for "little toasts" (referring to bread, not grappa).
1. noun Often used as a garnish or to flavor sauces and soups, duxelles is a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots and herbs cooked in butter until it forms a thick paste.
1. noun Tuscany's mainstay, a small, light brown grain.
1. noun Any dish covered with cheese or buttered breadcrumbs and baked or broiled.
1. noun Minced parsley, lemon peel and garlic.
Haricot vert
1. noun A green string bean with French attitude.
1. noun French for juice, jus also refers to the unthickened juices from a piece of roasted meat.
1. noun a) French for hazelnut; b) small, very tender round steak, usually of lamb beef or veal, cut from the rib or loin; c) as in beurre noisette: butter heated until it turns nut brown; used as a finishing touch for many dishes, especially fish;
1. noun Cured Italian bacon.
1. noun Coarse breadcrumbs used in Japanese cooking.
1. noun The French version of pesto, a mixture of basil, garlic and olive oil.
1. noun A slow-cooked cornmeal porridge popular in northern Italy; can be served soupy or firm, sometimes fried.
1. noun Italian dish made from rice cooked by intermittently adding small amounts of stock or broth. Other ingredients are added as required.
1. noun The front leg of beef, pork, veal or lamb. Often a very tough cut of meat, the shank requires slow-cooking methods like braising.
1. noun What they call fettuccine born in northern Italy.
1. noun Ground or finely chopped, seasoned raw meat (traditionally beef). May or may not come mounded, and with a raw egg.

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