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70 Rowes Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Meritage restaurant information
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Overlooking Boston Harbor from Rowes Wharf, Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel is a glittering jewel on Boston’s waterfront. The expansive harbor views from the modernly appointed dining room provide the perfect platform for a unique concept in dining. Using local ingredients and imported specialty items, Chef Daniel Bruce offers a seasonally changing menu that features large and small plates of wine-friendly food. Instead of the traditional pairings of grape varietals and cuisine, the menu at Meritage pairs culinary flavors the wine flavors in the restaurant’s 15,000 bottle wine collection.

News and Events at Meritage restaurant

Wine Pop-Up at Meritage
Meritage wants to whisk you away to the Adriatic Coast with an Italian Road Trip wine dinner on Wednesday, May ...

19th Nantucket Wine Festival
Martha isn’t the only vineyard in town anymore when Nantucket Wine Festival returns to the Cape Wednesday, May 13th ...

Great Grapes at Meritage
Wine is the word at Meritage. After three months of renovations, the restaurant re-opens on Tuesday, April 21st with an ...


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70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110


by Chef Daniel Bruce

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Asparagus and parmesan cheese risotto with roasted baby peppers and leeks
by Chef Daniel Bruce
1. noun A soft, yeasty French bread enriched with butter and eggs.
1. noun Crumbly, spiced pork sausage.
1. noun A sweet made of almonds and sugar invented for the French Comte du Plessis-Praslin by his cook in the 1600s.
1. noun Italian dish made from rice cooked by intermittently adding small amounts of stock or broth. Other ingredients are added as required.

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