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242 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446

Lineage restaurant information
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Husband and wife team (or chef and pastry chef team, if you prefer) Jeremy & Lisa Sewall pull from their extensive culinary experience and deep New England roots to create Lineage, a vibrant neighborhood restaurant in the heart of Coolidge Corner.

Combining an intimate appreciation for ingredients and a profound respect for seasonality, the two create a personal interpretation of modern American cuisine via frequently changing menus that showcase their creativity and expertise. With a comfortable yet sophisticated dining room, and a strong sense of true hospitality, Lineage will be a Brookline favorite for generations to come.

News and Events at Lineage restaurant

Where There's Tea, There's Hope
Say goodbye to winter with a globetrotting tea tasting at the historic Old North Church with tea expert, Brad Shannon ...

Classic diner fare gets a facelift from premier local chefs at the Boston Center for Adult Education’s fourth annual ...

Teaching Tea Technique
Celebrate the historic significance of tea with a Boston Center for Adult Education tea class by Lineage’s Brad Shannon ...


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242 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446


by Chef Jeremy Sewall

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Little Gem lettuces with grilled peaches, panisse and Caesar dressing
by Chef Jeremy Sewall
1. noun Mashed chickpeas flavored with lemon juice, garlic and oil.

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