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The Basics: Island Creek Oyster Bar restaurant information

Island Creek Oyster Bar

500 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

Island Creek Oyster Bar restaurant information
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The freshly opened Island Creek Oyster Bar, adjacent to the Hotel Commonwealth, is a one-of-a-kind collaboration bringing together the culinary talent of chef Jeremy Sewall; the front-of-house genius of Garrett Harker; and the oyster farm know-how of Island Creek Oysters' Skip Bennett. Their collective efforts have yielded a sleek, high-energy oyster bar and seafood restaurant dedicated to highlighting the best of New England's local purveyors, ingredients and talent.

The menu leans heavily to seafood with plenty of classic preparations alongside more daring dishes - and of course, lots of oysters (12-18 varieties daily). For diners who prefer their meal to have had its feet planted firmly on solid ground - there are plenty of plates that won't leave them wanting. The bar program, developed by the team behind the bar at sister restaurant Eastern Standard, is top-notch, whether you're in the mood for wine, a beer or craft cocktails.

Taking inspiration from the Island Creek Oyster farm, the restaurant brings a little slice of laidback Duxbury life right to the heart of the city with Gabion cages filled with tens of thousands of Island Creek oyster shells; reclaimed Wyoming snow fences used to create window shutters; and an oversized photograph of the Duxbury Bay tidal flats.

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500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

crab cake

by Chef Jeremy Sewall

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Pan-fried Maine crab cake with Sparrow Arc Farm radish and Cara Cara orange
by Chef Jeremy Sewall
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