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The Basics: Foundry on Elm restaurant information

Foundry on Elm

255 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

Foundry on Elm restaurant information
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A brasserie-tavern hybrid, Foundry on Elm brings the best of seasonal New England fare to Davis Square diners via a menu of refined, fresh food - and proper ale to go along with it. The restaurant pays tribute to the modern-day craft worker by celebrating the farmers, brewers and winemakers that created the products featured on the menu and wine list.

The cavernous dining room - it can comfortably accommodate more than 150 people - features a long, marble-topped bar, cushy, deep red banquettes, and black and white mosaic tiled floor, all of which lend themselves to a warm, welcoming space that's got broad appeal. Students, local professionals and families are flocking to the Somerville eatery for dinner, lunch and brunch.

News and Events at Foundry on Elm restaurant

Foundry’s Brew Special
Foundry on Elm welcomes beer-lovers with a weekly beer dinner series on Thursday evenings. 

Taste of Somerville
The city of Somerville has been steadily growing its culinary (and beer and wine) scene and on Wednesday, June 3rd ...

Foundry on Elm Tiki Brunch
The transition from summer to fall can be a little rough; let the folks at Foundry on Elm ease you ...


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255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144


at Foundry on Elm

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Pan-roasted Statler chicken with charred corn, fried plantains, avocado-basil puree and grilled lime
at Foundry on Elm
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