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The Basics: City Landing restaurant information

City Landing

255 State St
Boston, MA 02109

City Landing restaurant information
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Celebrated Cape Cod-based chef Bill Brodsky combines his extensive background in fine dining and his passion for conviviality at City Landing, his first signature venture. Located on Boston’s waterfront, the contemporary American restaurant offers guests a menu of artfully presented ingredient-driven dishes full of bold flavors. A carefully-crafted list of signature cocktails and an extensive wine program compliment the restaurant’s menu.

The dining room, with its rich chocolate-colored booths, wooden beams and sheer light fixtures in varying shades of green, has a fresh, bright ambiance enhanced by prime views of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. An expediting table, where Brodsky will be found on most nights perfecting each plate, brings some of the energy of the kitchen into the dining room.

During the summer season, the outdoor patio offers views of the goings-on on the Greenway and bustling Boston Harbor.

News and Events at City Landing restaurant

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255 State St, Boston, MA 02109


by Chef Bill Brodsky

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Grilled ciabatta bread topped with foie gras mousse, duck prosciutto, fig chutney, pickled red onion, manchego cheese and arugula
by Chef Bill Brodsky
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Foie gras
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