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The Basics: The Cafe at Taj Boston restaurant information

The Cafe at Taj Boston

15 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

The Cafe at Taj Boston restaurant information
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Occupying one of the city's most prestigious addresses at Arlington and Newbury Streets, Taj Boston is nestled between the picturesque Public Garden and the city's swankiest shopping district. Diners at the hotel's signature restaurant, The Café at the Taj, are well-rewarded with a menu as elegant as the historic setting.

Whether they're regrouping after a shopping-spree or spa day, planning a pre-theatre dinner or gathering friends and family for a festive celebration, guests can relax in the intimate dining room over internationally-inspired menus of New England's finest meats, seafood and produce. Innovative seasonal dishes illustrate the chef's philosophy that meticulous attention to quality and freshness of ingredients are of the utmost importance.

News and Events at The Cafe at Taj Boston restaurant

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The Ellie Fund is ramping up for its annual Red Carpet Gala on Sunday, March 2nd - get your tickets and ...

A Teddy Bear Tea at the Taj
This December, Mrs. Claus is making the trek down from the North Pole to delight kids of all ages at ...

The Dining Docket
November 12th – November 18th
Who says September is the only time for back to school? We’ve got a class-packed ...


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15 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116

crab cake

at The Cafe at Taj Boston

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Warm lump crab cake with corn chili salad and Old Bay rémoulade
at The Cafe at Taj Boston
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