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The Basics: Bond Restaurant | Lounge restaurant information

Bond Restaurant | Lounge

250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110

Bond Restaurant | Lounge restaurant information
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Housed within the elegant and historic former Federal Reserve Bank in the heart of Boston's Financial District, Bond Restaurant | Lounge evokes the opulence of bygone eras. Capitalizing on the grandeur of the room (with its 25 foot ceilings and sparkling chandeliers), Bond incorporates modern elements (plush lounge seating and a 12-foot mirrored bar backdrop) to give the space a modern feel that's full of timeless glamour.

A premiere destination for cosmopolitan dining, cocktails and entertainment, Bond is a shimmering, hip setting for small plate dining options, distinctive cocktails and eclectic music. To complement the venue's international vibe, glitterati can enjoy a globally-inspired menu at dining tables or at more casual lounge seating. For especially festive occasions, the restaurant hosts the Dom Perignon Lounge, an exclusive balcony with seating for private events, overlooking the main restaurant.

News and Events at Bond Restaurant | Lounge restaurant

World Class Cocktail Talent at BOND
Fans of craft cocktails will want to make for the Financial District on Tuesday, April 1st, when 2012 International Bartender ...

Get A Taste of the Azores
Just when everyone’s ripe for an island getaway, The Langham brings A Taste of the Azores to Boston.

Put the Bite Back in Thursday
Surviving the week just got a lot easier with the addition of BITE Thursdays at BOND in the Langham Hotel.


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250 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110


by Chefs Mark Sapienza & Nicholas Gurski

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Tuna tartare with avocado mousse, cumin oil, pickled cucumber and shiso salad, ponzu and adzuki beans chips
by Chefs Mark Sapienza & Nicholas Gurski
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