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The Basics: Bistro du Midi restaurant information

Bistro du Midi

272 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Bistro du Midi restaurant information
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Boasting the city's prettiest views of the picturesque Public Garden, Bistro du Midi brings the simple, clean and bold flavors of Provence to Boston. Inspired by the ingredients (only the freshest seafood, meats and produce) and culinary techniques of the Midi region in France, Executive Chef Robert Sisca presents modern ingredient-driven creations that are at once refined and approachable - from carefully conceived charcuterie selections to meticulously crafted desserts. The menu is complemented by an extensive, French-leaning wine list

Inside, guests can choose between the convivial atmosphere of the street-level bar, which serves its own casual, all-day menu and offers patio dining spring through fall, and the upstairs dining room, which features an intimate bar of its own as well as a private dining room. Diners can peek into the open kitchen or linger in front of the sandstone and terra cotta fireplace on the way back to their beautifully appointed tables.

News and Events at Bistro du Midi restaurant

19th Nantucket Wine Festival
Martha isn’t the only vineyard in town anymore when Nantucket Wine Festival returns to the Cape Wednesday, May 13th ...

The (Culinary) Time of Your Life
Nobody puts baby in a corner, unless, of course, it’s a corner table for pre-show food and drink specials. 

Bolognese for the Big Race
In honor of the Boston Marathon, chef Robert Sisca is running a duck Bolognese special from Friday, April 17th through ...


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272 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116


by Chef Robert Sisca

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Live sea scallop with cucumber, coriander, freeze dried corn and foie gras snow
by Chef Robert Sisca
1. noun Small, half-moon-shaped ravioli.
1. noun A Provençal stew of fish, shellfish, onions, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil, garlic, saffron and herbs.
1. noun Small pasta shells with wavy edges.
1. noun An Irish favorite of mashed potatoes, green onions and butter.
1. noun Prepared or served with whipped cream.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun Meat (usually goose, duck or pork) that is slowly cooked in its own fat and preserved with the fat packed around it as a seal.
1. noun The mixture of two liquids that cannot normally combine smoothly (e.g., oil and water). Mayonnaise and hollandaise are two familiar emulsions.
1. noun Tuscany's mainstay, a small, light brown grain.
Foie gras
1. noun Expensive, silk-textured goose or duck liver that has been enlarged by a process you don't want to read about if you're going to eat this dish.
1. noun Any dish covered with cheese or buttered breadcrumbs and baked or broiled.
1. noun An emulsion of egg yolks, lemon juice and hot melted butter, the smooth, rich sauce is often an accompaniment to vegetable, fish and egg dishes.
1. noun French for juice, jus also refers to the unthickened juices from a piece of roasted meat.
Kaffir lime
1. noun A type of tree bearing dark green leaves used in cooking, and small, bright green, wrinkled-looking citrus fruit.
1. noun A sauce made airy with the addition of whipped cream or beaten egg whites.
1. noun An edible, dark green seaweed frequently used in Japanese cooking for wrapping sushi.
1. noun Ground meat, fish or vegetables blended with fat and seasonings; can be smooth or chunky, served cold or hot.
1. noun French for dough, paste or batter.
1. noun French for parsley, also refers to a mixture of parsley and garlic that is often sprinkled on a dish as flavoring or garnish towards the end of its preparation.
1. noun The French version of pesto, a mixture of basil, garlic and olive oil.
1. noun French for "pepper."
1. noun A slow-cooked cornmeal porridge popular in northern Italy; can be served soupy or firm, sometimes fried.
1. noun Smoky, meaty wild mushrooms.
1. noun A sweet made of almonds and sugar invented for the French Comte du Plessis-Praslin by his cook in the 1600s.
1. noun The French word for "rust" describes the color of this spicy sauce made of hot chiles, garlic, breadcrumbs and olive oil and generally diluted with fish stock.
1. noun Very coarse flour used to make pizza and bread. Also refers to rounded parts of wheat used to make a pudding of the same name.
1. noun Ground or finely chopped, seasoned raw meat (traditionally beef). May or may not come mounded, and with a raw egg.
1. noun Sour liquid made from unripe fruit; used to flavor sauces and condiments.

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