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The Basics: Artisan Bistro restaurant information

Artisan Bistro

10 Avery Street
Boston, MA 02111

Artisan Bistro restaurant information
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Much of what makes Artisan Bistro appealing is its ability to please Boston locals, the stream of visitors enjoying performances in the Theater District and business executives from the Financial District meeting for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Artisan Bistro is a modern American bistro where guests can mingle after work and post-theater over cocktails while enjoying approachable artisanal cooking and daily specials. As for the food, it's aimed squarely at offering fresh local and seasonal dishes using native ingredients as well as uniquely-sourced products with subtle bistro influences. The cocktail menu includes local favorites, specialty drinks and numerous microbrews. The mood at the bar, like the restaurant itself, is lively and inviting, yet relaxed and casual.

A bar and late evening menu are both featured as well.

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10 Avery Street, Boston, MA 02111


by Chef Frank Kassner

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Tomato watermelon salad with avocado, goat’s crème fraiche and lavash
by Chef Frank Kassner
1. noun Small, half-moon-shaped ravioli.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun French for "goat," as in cheese.
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Haricot vert
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