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The Basics: Aragosta restaurant information


3 Battery Wharf
Boston, MA 02109

Aragosta restaurant information
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Aragosta Bar and Bistro, the latest addition to Boston's vibrant Waterfront dining scene, is located on Boston's Harbor Walk in the North End. Offering a warm, social atmosphere in a stunning Waterfront setting, Aragosta featuring an open kitchen with Chef's Counter and an outdoor terrace with views of Boston Harbor and the U.S. Coast Guard.

With influences from Marseille to Genoa, the contemporary Italian-Mediterranean cuisine from the talented culinary team, gives signature flair to hand-made pastas, prime meats and New England seafood, using quality, local farm-raised ingredients.

For dinner, drinks or to lounge by the water for an afternoon snack, drop by Aragosta, where Italian-Mediterranean meets New England.

News and Events at Aragosta restaurant

Shuck ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
Here’s an event that’s easy to get in the mood for: the Battery Wharf Oyster Festival, scheduled for ...

Harbor-side Lobster Bakes
As back-to-school season looms on horizon, it’s time to kick your summer into high gear at Aragosta’s waterfront ...

A Waterfront Pig Roast for the 4th
Celebrate the Fourth with some breathtaking harbor views and bbq on the terrace at Aragosta at the Fairmont Battery Wharf.


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3 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109


at Aragosta

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Charred octopus salad with shaved fennel, Russian blue potatoes and pea shoots
at Aragosta
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