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The Basics: Aka Bistro restaurant information

Aka Bistro

145 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

Aka Bistro restaurant information
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Aka Bistro, where the menu artfully offers both French bistro cuisine and Japanese specialties including the most creative sashimi in metrowest, is not only the best restaurant in sleepy little Lincoln, MA – it is the only one!

But this sophisticated boite is well worth discovering for its covered and heated outdoor terrace, herb and sculpture gardens, sake list, pristine fish and seafood, cheese cart, and suave service. Lunch and dinner is served 7 days a week, and Aka’s Saturday and Sunday brunch perfectly sets the tone for a day at the nearby de Cordova Museum, Drumlin Farm, Walden Pond, hiking or biking.

News and Events at Aka Bistro restaurant

Aka’s Own Restaurant Week
Restaurant Week is on its way but Aka Bistro has their own dining deals to help you celebrate with two ...

Secret Sashimi
Aka Bistro is calling all culinary adventurers to their upcoming Sunday night omakase sessions.

Aka Cooks Up Coq au Vin
Aka Bistro has the perfect antidote to icy weather with their Coq Au Vin a la Folie menu, available Monday ...


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145 Lincoln Road, Lincoln, MA 01773

Chris Chung

Chef at Aka Bistro

Chef Chris Chung at Aka Bistro

Chef Chris Chung was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He spent his formative years in Macao, China, a Portuguese colony with east and west influences. Growing up in a family of restaurateurs and hoteliers, Chung's love of cooking came naturally and Macao proved to be an ideal breeding ground for his culinary curiosity.

Trained in Hawaii, Chung worked in various Japanese restaurants before moving to Boston in 2004, when he took the position of Executive Chef at Ken Oringer's Back Bay sashimi bar, Uni. Combining his extensive résumé and personal experience in both Asian and Portuguese cuisine, Chung built an award-winning menu full of unusual ingredients and adventurous flavor combinations, elegant presentations and beautifully balanced flavors.

In 2009, Chung was named Rising Star Chef for his innovative sashimi creations. He has mastered this delicate balance through the careful combination of ingredients. One example is his spicy tuna tataki with foie gras, aji amarillo, spiced strawberries and cumin cilantro, a dish that twists Spanish and Japanese flavors with the classic techniques of working with foie gras.

After six years at Uni, Chung and his partner Christian Touche, left the Back Bay in search of greener pastures - almost literally. In spring of 2010 the duo opened Aka Bistro in Lincoln, Mass. The restaurant features both a sushi bar (where Chung will showcase 600 of his own creative recipes) and a French bistro. For both menus Chung relies on local farmers in and around Lincoln to bring fresh seasonal food to the table.

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