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The Basics: Sandrine's Bistro restaurant information

Sandrine's Bistro

8 Holyoke St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Sandrine's Bistro restaurant information
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In 1996, chef Raymond Ost and partner Gwen Trost opened what they hoped would be an unpretentious but memorable bistro in the heart of Harvard Square. Named for Ost’s daughter, Sandrine’s seeks to deliver an atmosphere reminiscent of Alsace along with a menu that does culinary justice to this region of France.

From outside, Sandrine’s resembles an Art Nouveau-era Paris Metro station; inside mosaics of yellow, cobalt blue and green iridescent glass – the colors of Alsatian wine bottles. Behind the copper-covered bar is a special oven designed to cook the restaurant’s signature dish, flammekueche, to perfection.

News and Events at Sandrine's Bistro restaurant

11th Annual Flavors of Fall
Flavors of Fall is back and bigger than ever for its 11th anniversary on Monday, November 17th.

Martha's Vineyard Food & Wine Fest
The 7th annual Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival returns October 16th-19th, promising another year filled with incredible wines and ...

Chef Raymond Ost Retiring
Another big change to the Boston dining scene: Master Chef and owner of Sandrine’s, Raymond Ost, is retiring at ...


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8 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138


at Sandrine's Bistro

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Roasted marinated goat cheese with arugula salad and lemon vinaigrette
at Sandrine's Bistro
1. noun A soft, yeasty French bread enriched with butter and eggs.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun French-style sauerkraut, cooked with goose fat, onions, white wine, and juniper berries or caraway seeds.
1. noun A gherkin in France.
1. noun A thick puree or sauce.
1. noun French term for the tender steak cut from between the ninth and eleventh ribs of beef.
1. noun Munchkin kidney beans from France.
Foie gras
1. noun Expensive, silk-textured goose or duck liver that has been enlarged by a process you don't want to read about if you're going to eat this dish.
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