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The Basics: Miel Brasserie Provencale restaurant information

Miel Brasserie Provencale

510 Atlantic Ave.
Boston, MA 02210

Miel Brasserie Provencale restaurant information
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Housed comfortably in the InterContinental Boston, Miel Brasserie Provençal celebrates the organic wonders and intoxicating flavors of France's fascinating Côte d'Azur region. Incorporating herbs de Provence, lavender, honey and olive oil into the menu in delicious and often surprising ways, the AAA Four Diamond-rated restaurant brings the flavors of Provence right to Boston's waterfront.

The charming, honey-hued dining room, which overlooks Fort Point Channel, features a glass-enclosed private dining room for fourteen complete with a dramatic chandelier that sparkles with 486 olive oil cruets. For fans of al fresco dining, the seasonal patio nestled in the InterContinental Gardens is an ideal place to enjoy a meal outdoors.

News and Events at Miel Brasserie Provencale restaurant

A Taste of Fort Point
You only have an hour and a half to try everything Fort Point has to offer food-wise so don’t ...

Honey Harvest Dinner
Miel Brasserie Provencal at the InterContinental celebrates its recent haul of honey (their best yet) with a harvest dinner.

Chefs Cooking for Hope
Chefs come out in full force for the Friends of Dana Farber at the fifteenth annual Chefs Cooking for Hope ...


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510 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02210

tartine Provencale

at Miel Brasserie Provencale

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Tartine Provencale with frisee, roasted heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, parmesan, grilled asparagus, tarragon, pesto and grilled sourdough
at Miel Brasserie Provencale
1. noun A blend of ail (garlic) and oli (oil) in the parlance of the Provence region of southern France. Around here, we'd call it a garlic mayonnaise.
1. noun A classic reduction of wine, vinegar, tarragon and shallots, finished with egg yolks and butter.
1. noun A Provençal stew of fish, shellfish, onions, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil, garlic, saffron and herbs.
1. noun Large, stuffed pasta tubes baked in sauce.
1. noun Wafer-thin slices of raw beef served cold; named after the Renaissance Venetian painter.
1. noun A slow-cooked marriage of white beans and assorted meats such as pork, duck or goose.
1. noun French for "goat," as in cheese.
1. noun A spicy, fruity, sometimes marmalade-like Indian condiment.
1. noun Small, yellowish onions that add sweet and savory accents to cooked dishes.
1. noun Slow-cooked fruit in syrup.
1. noun The Italian word for "little toasts" (referring to bread, not grappa).
Foie gras
1. noun Expensive, silk-textured goose or duck liver that has been enlarged by a process you don't want to read about if you're going to eat this dish.
1. noun A mixture of sugar, water and cream of tartar that can be formed into candy or decorations. If heated, it can also be used as frosting.
1. noun French for juice, jus also refers to the unthickened juices from a piece of roasted meat.
1. noun Ultra-rich, soft cheese known best for its role in tiramisu.
1. noun Literally "miller's wife" in French, this cooking technique (used primarily for fish) involves a light coating of flour before sauteing in butter or oil.
1. noun Cured Italian bacon.
1. noun The French version of pesto, a mixture of basil, garlic and olive oil.
1. noun French for "pepper."
1. noun A slow-cooked cornmeal porridge popular in northern Italy; can be served soupy or firm, sometimes fried.
Prix fixe
1. noun French for fixed price, a complete meal that features a limited number of selections at a preset price.
1. noun A Provençal dish of eggplant, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs in olive oil.
1. noun The French word for "rust" describes the color of this spicy sauce made of hot chiles, garlic, breadcrumbs and olive oil and generally diluted with fish stock.
1. noun A root vegetable with oyster-flavored flesh.
1. noun Thick paste - made from olives, anchovies, capers, lemon juice, olive oil and seasonings - that can be a condiment or a spread.
1. noun Ground or finely chopped, seasoned raw meat (traditionally beef). May or may not come mounded, and with a raw egg.

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