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The Basics: L'Andana restaurant information


86 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA 01803

L'Andana restaurant information
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L'Andana in Burlington is the first suburban outpost for the Columbus Restaurant Group (which also owns and operates Mistral, Teatro, Sorellina and Mooo....). Inspired by its namesake trattoria nestled in the olive groves of the foothills of Tuscany, the restaurant serves a menu designed to capture the simplicity and freshness that defines Tuscan cuisine - wood-grilled meats and fish, house-made pastas, and decadent desserts.

L'Andana deconstructs the rustic look of an old-world farmhouse - end-grain wood floors, weathered barn board, steel, Italian mosaics and chandeliers made from old wine barrels combine with shades of bronze, and a touch of verdant green, to create the stateside equivalent of the Italian countryside. Open for dinner seven nights a week, L'Andana is a great foodie destination for city dwellers and suburbanites alike.


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86 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

steak & eggs

by Chef Marvin Posada

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Steak and farm eggs with vin cotto and garlic butter
by Chef Marvin Posada
1. noun A blend of ail (garlic) and oli (oil) in the parlance of the Provence region of southern France. Around here, we'd call it a garlic mayonnaise.
1. noun Wafer-thin slices of raw beef served cold; named after the Renaissance Venetian painter.
1. noun Prepared or served with whipped cream.
1. noun The French term for delicatessen-style items.
1. noun Small, yellowish onions that add sweet and savory accents to cooked dishes.
1. noun French for "smoked."
1. noun Minced parsley, lemon peel and garlic.
1. noun French for juice, jus also refers to the unthickened juices from a piece of roasted meat.
1. noun Lemon liqueur.
1. noun Ultra-rich, soft cheese known best for its role in tiramisu.
1. noun Dishes typical of cuisine from the Nice, France, region, where garlic, black olives, anchovies and tomatoes are nearly always part of the mix.
Panna cotta
1. noun Egg-less Italian custard.
1. noun Ground meat, fish or vegetables blended with fat and seasonings; can be smooth or chunky, served cold or hot.
1. noun French for dough, paste or batter.
1. noun A slow-cooked cornmeal porridge popular in northern Italy; can be served soupy or firm, sometimes fried.
1. noun Smoky, meaty wild mushrooms.
1. noun A sweet made of almonds and sugar invented for the French Comte du Plessis-Praslin by his cook in the 1600s.
1. noun A wild onion.
1. noun Italian dish made from rice cooked by intermittently adding small amounts of stock or broth. Other ingredients are added as required.
1. noun Ground or finely chopped, seasoned raw meat (traditionally beef). May or may not come mounded, and with a raw egg.
1. noun A thin, crisp, French cookie.

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