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560 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

Kitchen restaurant information
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Located on Tremont Street in the heart of Boston's historic South End, Kitchen is the third restaurant from chef Scott Herritt (also of Grotto and Marliave). Open for dinner nightly and for weekend brunch, Kitchen serves a menu plucked from the pages of vintage cookbooks – some nearly 400 years old. Diners can choose from old school dishes like lobster Thermidor or mock turtle soup (and even see when dishes debuted – dates are noted for each one). Cocktails also seem to hail from a bygone era with classic recipes served as they were originally – the Moscow Mule comes in a traditional brass mug; cask beers come in silver-plated steins.

Diners can enjoy these time-honored dishes at the ten-seat, natural ash bar overlooking the open kitchen or in the cozy dining room. Seats in the greenhouse, with its garden views, are often the first to go and, during the summer months, tables on the patio get snapped up before you can say “old timey deliciousness.”

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560 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

steak tartare

by Chef Scott Herritt

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Steak tartare of beef tenderloin with tartar sauce and crispy bread
by Chef Scott Herritt
Foie gras
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1. noun The (some would say aptly named) British term for edible internal organs and extremities of animals.
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1. noun What they call fettuccine born in northern Italy.
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1. noun A thick Japanese noodle.

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