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The Basics: Kingston Station restaurant information

Kingston Station

25 Kingston Street
Boston, MA 02111

Kingston Station restaurant information
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Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Crossing - but just removed from the hustle and bustle of the main drags - Kingston Station offers a modern take on traditional dishes in an old-world atmosphere. The mosaic and subway tiled dining room, adorned with antique mirrors, is reminiscent of a classic railway station. Mismatched tables and chairs add to the casual, comfortable atmosphere.

The menu of bistro cuisine is ideal whether you're looking for a place for an after-work pit stop, a low key dinner or a night out on the town. Guests can unwind at the bar or in the front café area, or relax in the dining room. Kingston Station is also an ideal spot to fuel up for an afternoon of perusing the area's local shops and historical landmarks or before heading to a show at the Boston Opera House or in the nearby Theater District.

News and Events at Kingston Station restaurant

SA PA Coming Soon to Downtown Crossing
Kingston Station owner Nguyen and chef Dana Love are collaborating on a second project, Sa Pa, set to open in ...

Paint Nite Downtown
Brush up on your artistic skills – Kingston Station is hosting Paint Nite on Saturday, October 27th.

Feast Your Eyes - Kingston Station
Dishes fit for a king from Kingston Station’s Dana Love.


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25 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 02111

Dana Love

Chef at Kingston Station

Chef Dana Love at Kingston Station

Chef Dana Love, an East Boston native, brings classic comfort food to Downtown's Financial District, fusing classic American favorites with influences from various cuisines to create a unique, versatile menu.

Love began his culinary career in the early '90s working in the Financial District at his cousin's restaurant, Alicia's. There he worked through positions in both the front and back of the house - everything from prep and line cook to Floor Manager.

He eventually entered the world of fine dining under the tutelage of chef David Fitzgerald at Mezé Estiatorio and again at the Oxford St. Grill in Lynn. Love then headed to Charlestown to join the team at the Navy Yard Bistro. He rounded out his skills at Copia and North End destination, Prezza where he began his friendship with chef Matt O'Neill. Recognizing Love's skill, O'Neill brought him to Kingston Station as a sauté cook where his skills helped take the restaurant's cuisine to the next level.

Since becoming Executive Chef in 2008, Love has maintained a high standard of excellence in the kitchen and the restaurant as a whole. His experience provides a keen understanding of the delicate balance between the kitchen and floor, helping the team provide the best possible experience for all guests, which makes Kingston Station a perfect stop for after work drinker, pre-theater diners and destination foodies.

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