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The Basics: Gourmet Caterers restaurant information

Gourmet Caterers

3867 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02131

Gourmet Caterers restaurant information
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Gourmet Caterers Inc., established in 1973, is one of New England’s largest privately owned full-service caterers. The company services both corporate and social events that have accommodated up to 10,000 guests with custom-planned menus, staffing, bar service, equipment rentals, linen motifs, floral designs, and more. Gourmet is the preferred caterer at more than 40 metro Boston sites including the JFK Library and Museum, The 600 Club at Fenway Park, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Massachusetts State House. They do everything from formal dinners to clambakes.

News and Events at Gourmet Caterers restaurant

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3867 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02131


at Gourmet Caterers

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Spicy lobster salad timbale with a chilled carrot and vanilla bean soup
at Gourmet Caterers
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