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The Basics: Cafe Fleuri restaurant information

Cafe Fleuri

250 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110

Cafe Fleuri restaurant information
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Café Fleuri serves Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant, airy and distinctly European atmosphere. The interior of this atrium restaurant, designed by noted Parisian architect Pierre Yves Rochon, features a picturesque trellis covering the main dining area that creates an intimate feel while affording views up to the soaring atrium ceiling. A show kitchen allows diners to glimpse the culinary creativity firsthand. An enduring hot spot for Boston’s power brokers, Café Fleuri was awarded “Best Power Breakfast” honors by Boston Magazine in 1999 and 2001. The restaurant also presents an award-winning Sunday Jazz Brunch Buffet, as well as a unique Chocolate Bar Buffet.

News and Events at Cafe Fleuri restaurant

Chocolate Trolley Tour Returns
Get a whole new – chocolaty – perspective on Boston with Old Town Trolley’s Boston Chocolate Tour.

Cafe Fleuri's Cuckoo for Cocoa
The wait is over, chocolate lovers - Cafe Fleuri at The Langham Hotel re-launches their elaborate Chocolate Bar buffet this week ...

Lobster Pop-Up at The Langham
Starting on Wednesday, May 21st, The Langham Hotel is launching a summer-long lobster pop-up on their newly christened terrace.


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250 Franklin St., Boston, MA 02110


by Chef Mark Sapienza

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House made mozzarella with Backyard Farms pink tomato, Gloucester sea salt, basil and olive oil
by Chef Mark Sapienza
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1. noun A soft, yeasty French bread enriched with butter and eggs.
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1. noun A thick puree or sauce.
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Panna cotta
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1. noun Smoky, meaty wild mushrooms.
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